Google Secretly Tracks What You Buy Offline Using Mastercard Data

Over a week after Google admitted the company tracks users’ location even after they disable location history, it has now been revealed that the tech giant has signed a secret deal with Mastercard that allows it to track what users buy offline.

Google has paid Mastercard millions of dollars in exchange to access this information.

Neither Google nor Mastercard has publicly announced the business partnership over allowing Google to measure retail spending, though the deal has now been disclosed by Bloomberg.

What’s your trustworthiness according to Facebook? Find out!

Your reputation is 0 or 1

In an interview with the Washington Post, the product manager who is in charge of fighting misinformation at Facebook, said that one of the factors the company uses to determine if you’re spreading “fake news”, is a so-called “trustworthiness score”. (Users are assigned a score of 0 or 1.) In addition to this score, Facebook apparently also uses many other indicators to judge its users. For example, it takes into account if you abuse the option to flag messages.

What’s your trustworthiness according to Facebook? Find out!

Oksanen: Kraftig ökning av politiska botar i valrörelsen visar FOI-rapport

Nu finns det siffror på det som flera tidigare sagt sig märka av i valrörelsen. Antalet politiska botar som tycker till på Twitter har ”ökat markant de senaste veckorna” skriver FOI i rapporten ”Botar och det svenska valet”.

För de som inte vet vad Twitter är så kan det beskrivas som en mikroblogg där man kan skriva upp till 240 tecken. En bot är ett datorprogram som skickar vidare budskap automatiserat, de kan vara alltifrån väldigt enkla och uppenbara till mer sofistikerade som uppträder människolikt.

Botarna används för att påverka debatten. Det kan ske genom att förstärka budskap, men också för att förvirra, sprida falska nyheter och polarisera.
FOI-studien konstaterar att botarna länkar mer till högerextrema sajter än vad ”genuina” konton gör. Stödet för SD är också 40 procent högre från botarna.

Dark Patterns: When Companies Use Design to Manipulate You

“Dark patterns” are designs that deliberately trick you into doing what a company wants. This can take all kinds of forms, from MoviePass not canceling people’s accounts to installers putting crapware on your machine.


at one point even closing the window offering the update would prompt the installation. A lot of people ended up accidentally installing Windows 10 because of this one, which makes sense: it was almost impossible to tell how to opt out.


BEC is defined as a sophisticated scam targeting businesses working with foreign suppliers and/or businesses that regularly perform wire transfer payments. The scam is carried out by compromising legitimate business e-mail accounts through social engineering or computer intrusion techniques to conduct unauthorized transfers of funds.

Most victims report using wire transfers as a common method of transferring funds for business purposes


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Kaspersky software ’used by Russian state hackers to trawl for US secrets’

Popular anti-virus software used by hundreds of thousands of people and businesses in Britain was reportedly hijacked by Russian government hackers to trawl for American secrets. <…>

Computer users must give their anti-virus software widespread access to files so they can be scoured for viruses. But such access potentially makes the software a perfect “backdoor” for hackers, according to computer experts. Läs mer