”Betrayed by an app she had never heard of” – How TrueCaller is endangering journalists

En journalist på arbetsresa köper ett lokalt sim-kort och ringer anonymt ända tills en uppringd, journalisten ovetande, registrerar henne i TrueCaller.
TrueCaller skulle kunna bistå genom att SMS’a registreringen till den som blivit registrerad och därmed få möjlighet till mer korrekt data samtidigt som man skulle kunna informera om hur man avregistrerar sig.
Intresset därtill förefaller dock svalt.


Aibo’s dark side: Why Illinois bans Sony’s robot dog

The state’s Biometric Information Privacy Act prevents Sony from selling it there.

The $2,900 pup is a companion robot, one Sony claims ”learns its environment and develops relationships with people.” Aibo even enlists a camera in its nose to scan faces and determine who’s who so it can react to them differently.


UN-GOOGLING Why you should change your default search engine

“[W]hen you search, you expect unbiased results, but that’s not what you get on Google,” Gabriel Weinberg, founder of DuckDuckGo, a privacy-focused search engine, writes on Quora. “On Google, you get results tailored to what they think you’re likely to click on, based on the data profile they’ve built on you over time.”

On the surface, that may seem innocuous. But if our options are algorithmically curated, that removes our choice and diminishes our exposure to challenging viewpoints.