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Security Things to Consider When Your Apartment Goes ‘Smart’

What’s Your Threat Model?

When we’re talking about things that impact personal safety, it’s crucial to think about the specific, realistic threats that we (or our families) face. In this blog, I’m going to talk about ways that consumer IoT and Smart Home systems can be abused to cause risk to safety and privacy. If your number one concern for your safety is a casual criminal breaking your lock and stealing your TV, and the loss of your activity data isn’t something that substantially impacts or bothers you, you might decide that a flawed Smart Home system is an acceptable risk (or even a net benefit).

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Securing Microsoft Office

Adopting cloud technologies requires a shared responsibility model for security, with Microsoft responsible for certain controls and the customer responsible for others, depending on the service delivery model chosen. To ensure that a customer’s cloud workloads are protected, it is important that they carefully consider and implement the appropriate architecture and enable the right set of configuration settings.


En upphandling gjord med halvöppna ögon

Fackförvaltningen Intraservice kan ha köpt dyra tjänster av Microsoft som riskerar att röja känslig information från Göteborgs stad. Problemet är sannolikt större då många andra svenska kommuner har upphandlat molntjänster som inte är säkerhetsmässigt tillförlitliga. <…>

Anlitar man ett utländskt företag som tillhandahåller molntjänster, vilket i Göteborgs Stads fall är amerikanska Microsoft, är det liktydigt med att sekretessbelagda uppgifter ”får anses vara röjda”. Läs mer

Ett gott uppsåt skyddar inte sekretessbelagda uppgifter

Problemet är inte att Microsoft skulle ha ont uppsåt, eller att åtkomstmöjligheten faktiskt har missbrukats historiskt. Problemet är att sekretessbelagda uppgifter utsätts för risken att hamna i orätta händer i samma ögonblick som de hanteras av ett system där en obehörig kan skapa sig åtkomst till uppgifterna. Utländska myndigheter är obehöriga att ta del av sekretessbelagda uppgifter (OSL 8 Kap 3§). Läs mer

2019 cloud security predictions

The smart attack era is upon us. Learn how AI, machine learning, IT process automation and a bit of common sense will help our cloud security. -/-

A big focus for IT pros in the coming year should surround the automation of security reporting and auditing. With a growing list of cloud services, at times spread across multiple providers, it can become quite cumbersome to keep track of security reporting. Leveraging IT process automation, tools like Microsoft Secure Score, and creating efficient and automated review workflows should be at the top of all our lists next year. Having this information readily available and simple to review can save time and allow for faster responses to emerging cloud security threats.-/-

The biggest threat to user security still remains to be social engineering. Phishing emails have seen a resurgence, along with other attacks that rely on the social aspect of our day to day work. End users should focus on being more vigilant with suspicious emails, calls, texts, etc.

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