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Three Reasons Why the ”Nothing to Hide” Argument is Flawed

1) Privacy isn’t about hiding information; privacy is about protecting information, and surely you have information that you’d like to protect.

2) Privacy is a fundamental right and you don’t need to prove the necessity of fundamental rights to anyone.

3) Lack of privacy creates significant harms that everyone wants to avoid.

Sextortion Scam: What to Do If You Get the Latest Phishing Spam Demanding Bitcoin?

You may have arrived at this post because you received an email from a purported hacker who is demanding payment or else they will send compromising information—such as pictures sexual in nature—to all your friends and family. You’re searching for what to do in this frightening situation.

The looming deluge of connected dildos is a security nightmare

Just because the teledildonics patent has expired, sex tech companies shouldn’t rush to bring connectivity to their products.

Long-distance lovers, rejoice! And despair. The recent expiration of a teledildonics patent means more sex toys will be able to connect remotely. But don’t go rushing in – security standards leave much to be desired, despite collecting the most sensitive of data.

Kraftig ökning av antalet anlagda skolbränder

Antalet anlagda skolbränder i Sverige har ökat med 47 procent på två år, och är det högsta sedan 2008. Det visar en ny kartläggning av Brandskyddsföreningen, som nu uppmanar landets riksdags- och kommunpolitiker att agera för att vända utvecklingen.

– Sifforna är oroväckande, det är bara en tidsfråga innan det sker en dödsbrand. Tyvärr verkar det här i allt större utsträckning betraktas som normalt. Om vi hade över 400 fall av anlagda bränder på svenska arbetsplatser skulle man genast ha tagit tag i problemet och börjat utreda vad det berodde på, säger Anders Bergqvist, generalsekreterare på Brandskyddsföreningen.

Swedish Public Healthcare Portal ”1177” is sending your symptoms to Google

Rick Falkvinge, Feb 18, 2018

The Swedish Public Healthcare portal 1177 — named so for historical reasons, since that is the Swedish “Dial-a-Nurse” phone number — is sending all your searches for embarrassing symptoms and sensitive medications to Google. Not as part of the search, ironically enough; it’s being sent to Google as part of Google Analytics, as seen in the screenshot below:

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Kaspersky software ’used by Russian state hackers to trawl for US secrets’

Popular anti-virus software used by hundreds of thousands of people and businesses in Britain was reportedly hijacked by Russian government hackers to trawl for American secrets. <…>

Computer users must give their anti-virus software widespread access to files so they can be scoured for viruses. But such access potentially makes the software a perfect “backdoor” for hackers, according to computer experts. Läs mer