Phones are selling location data from “trusted” apps

Phones are selling location data from “trusted” apps

Location information can reveal some of the most intimate details of a person’s life – whether you’ve visited a psychiatrist, whether you went to an A.A. meeting, who you might date.
It’s not right to have consumers kept in the dark about how their data is sold and shared and then leave them unable to do anything about it.

New York Times investigation has found that apps such as The Weather Channel are among at least 75 companies getting purportedly “anonymous” but pinpoint-precise location data from about 200 million smartphones across the US.

They’re often sharing it or selling it to advertisers, retailers or even hedge funds that are seeking valuable insights into consumer behavior. One example: Tell All Digital, a Long Island advertising firm, buys location data, then uses it to run ad campaigns for personal injury lawyers that it markets to people who wind up in emergency rooms.


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