Can DuckDuckGo Become the Anti-Google?

Can DuckDuckGo Become the Anti-Google?

”Recently, a privacy-oriented search engine called DuckDuckGo raised $10 million from a Canadian pension fund,” reports, saying the privacy-focused search engine is ”trying to establish itself as the anti-Google.” An anonymous reader quotes their report:

”So it’s like Google, except when you search on it, you’re completely anonymous,” said Gabriel Weinberg, CEO of the company. The searches are encrypted. The site knows where you are, but only while you’re searching, and it doesn’t store your personal information. ”We serve you the search results and we throw away your personal information…so your IP address and things like that. And we don’t actually store any cookies by default. And so when you search on DuckDuckGo, it’s like every time you’re a new user and we know nothing about you…” Weinberg said about a quarter of Americans have taken some action to protect their privacy, and DuckDuckGo searches have been growing about 50 percent a year.

”We are proud to have a profitable business model that doesn’t rely on collecting personal data,” the company tweeted in June, and this week they also shared a quote from a Harvard Business Review article that asked ”How far can the surveillance economy go?”

”Most consumers are either unaware of the personal info they share online or, quite understandably, unable to determine the cost of sharing it — if not both.”

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